JetPro for Active Wear

JetPro for Active Wear. Extremely stretchy and breathable, the “no hand” product by Neenah Paper will not crack, but still produces extraordinary colors!


* Inkjet printable with “no hand”.
* Prints on most fabrics such as, poly blends, lycra, and other synthetics.
* Targeted for athletic wear especially spandex and lycra.
* Can be hand ironed or heat pressed.
* Excellent color.
* Best results are achieve with synthetic fabrics. For cotton and poly blends, use JetPro SofStretch.
* Vivid colors with thin polymer coating holds ink for maximum color saturation and eliminates heavy borders.
* Jet Pro for Active Wear has great washability. The hand actually improves with washing. Fifteen or more washes with good color retention and no bursts or cracks are expected.
* Stretch fabric after peeling to increase durability and soften the initial hand of the transfer.
* Neenah Green-e Certified heat transfer paper is perfect for infant and children clothing